OCT 02, 2021


A pictorial riddle with seven keys by LX HAHN, celebrating and honoring the 50th birthday of the EXPERIMENTAL TELEVISION CENTER, OWEGO, NY.


Part of the CGI series THE ARTIST’S STUDIO AS ENCRYPTION LAB, this one originally for the CENTRUM SZTUKI WSPOLCZESNEJ in WARSAW in 2001 as a response to their inquiry into my favorite websites. Instead of a list, I gave them a pictorial riddle with seven embedded keys linking to my favorite websites. 

The ETC was one of them, that link still going strong. Meanwhile, some of the others are now pointing to altered destinations. DOBELLE.COM, for instance, has changed hands since the passing of artificial vision pioneer WILLIAM DOBELLE, now linking to wedding photography.

The ETC’s 50th anniversary seemed a perfect occasion to recode the languishing image and make it transmit a sense, by no means exhaustive, of the ETC’s genius loci and the many inspirations I drew from it. In gratitude: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETC & ALL THE BEST to SHERRY, RALPH, HANK & DAVE, LX